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Our unit has a small foot print, only 95x120mm, and our cases come from a company in Poland, which makes delivery sometimes problematic. It does allow the consumer to install in very tight places but it is limited by the heat available. Our new case is made of Aluminum, allowing the S-ECU to be installed anywhere in the engine compartment, or at a convenient location inside the cabin. The support electronics, such as injector drivers, ignition divers and other peripherals, share the same case up to and including, the ALL IN ONE interface driver board, The  S-ECU unit is currently being re-designed and will be available in January.

S-ECU total engine control ECU

The S-ECU is a microprocessor based control unit for carburetor or Throttle Body injection engines, which improves performance and reliability. Our product provided a cost effective fully featured Engine Management System (EMS), for those cars that are distributor based for ignition and carburetor based for fuel.  Allowing the user to upgrade their engine control to a new modern fuel injection or ignition standard. Our unit is fully programmable using TunerStudio, you can start by just implementing the Ignition portion and the upgrading to Fuel injection at a later date.

SS3-4-COP Distributor Trigger Unit - Programmable Dwell
                                   BOSCH 3-wire IAC interface Board                                                                                                           EDC-S1 4-Channel Igniter Board

S-ECU Heavy Duty 4.2mm thick plastic case (Discontinued)

EDC-4-COP Standalone - Programmable Dwell - COP Driver
Support Electronics
Our company manufactures several PC boards that are made to support the SS series and other logic level output ECU's sold in the market today. These boards range from a VR interface, to a fully featured high current igniter drivers.  Any support peripherals are covered through our extensive line of interface PC boards, making your project easy to complete.

Custom Ignition and Fuel Injection Electronics

Our company is proud to introduce our new line of Ignition and Engine control PCB electronics. The SS series distributor ignition trigger and the S-ECU total engine control ECU. Look through our pages and let us know if we can help you with your project.

The SS series Distributor and Standalone Ignition Electronics.

The SS series internal distributor ignition electronics are a Hall Effect trigger system that incorporates precise control over single or multiple ignition coils. There are several models available ranging from a single ignition coil system (SS-1), to a multi-coil unit (SS-2), to a programmable dwell (SS3) and last but not least the programmable advance unit (SS-4). Each one has its own merit and specifications, but all have the main ultimate goal of providing the maximum control over your ignition system. We also design and manufacture a line of standalone driver boards for your ignition needs. Our SS series system is available for the Bosch 009 type distributor only and is currently limited to four cylinder engines.